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To inspire our members to discover their full potential both mentally and physically

Champion Striking

Bristol’s Best Fitness & Kickboxing Gym

Champion Striking

At Champion Striking and Fitness, we're offering the Tri-Cities best, well-rounded Kickboxing program, and we're committed to making sure it's a good fit for everyone - not just the strongest and fittest among us. From Dutch Style Kickboxing to heart-racing Fitness classes to exciting Kids Kickboxing classes, we truly have something for everyone here.

Here at Champion Striking, we are a team, and we are a family!

Champion Striking

About Champion Striking

Champion Striking is based out of Bristol, Virginia. For many years, we have been transforming the lifestyle of each and every member that walks into our gym. Our kickboxing curriculum is meant for all – beginners to advanced members.


Master your way into becoming a kickboxing champion. Weather your looking to get fit, learn self defense or even compete this program is open to all levels and interests.



Unleash your full potential with fitness-oriented kickboxing. Our high energy bag classes are tailored for all fitness levels beginner to advanced to lose weight, tone muscles and get in shape.

Fitness Kickboxing

Champion Striking

Equip children with the benefits of kickboxing right from a young age. Our youth classes teach life skills, fitness and self-defense as well as helps children be more attentive while staying fit.

Kids Kickboxing



Our classes are catered towards men and women of all ages and fitness levels as well as children as young as four years old.

Champion Striking


Anyone interested in joining a program of your choice is welcome to take a free trial class with a certified instructor without any fee.


Champion Strikings gym has everything to make your training experience complete. We have pads, bags, mats, exclusive sparring floor, and a  fully equipped fitness room  and much more. The special equipment is meant for your all-round fitness requirements.

Champion Striking

“Our Definition of a Champion:”

Any person who works hard to be the best version of themselves with the determination to overcome any and all obstacles and will support, motivate, and inspire those around them to do the same.

Transformative Stories

Read inspirational stories of our community who have transformed their lives after joining our kickboxing gym.