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Len Cook is a career Martial Artist with over 17 years of experience. He is a professional MMA fighter, Undefeated professional Kickboxer, owner, and head coach of Champion Striking and Fitness. Len began his training in Kung Fu at the age of 5. As a teenager, he got his first taste of full-contact Kickboxing and instantly fell in love with the sport. In 2008, Len made the switch from Traditional Martial Arts to training and competing in Mixed Martial Arts, better known as MMA. Len climbed his way up the ranks and quickly claimed two Bantamweight champion titles. In 2011, he won the ISKA southeastern regional title, earning the rank of number 1 Bantamweight fighter in the Southeast region. Though he is still actively competing, his passion is now coaching and training others to reach their full potential.


In 2008, Len had his sights on competing in the sport of MMA. He decided to leave the traditional art of Kung-Fu. Len started training in Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Jiu-jitsu, marking the beginning of his career as a Fighter, Coach, and Martial Artist. It only took a few fights before he decided that Martial Arts and a Combat Sports athlete's life was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He uprooted everything, moved closer to the gym, found a job that fit his training schedule, and dedicated his time to training.

Len climbed his way up the ranks and quickly claimed two Bantamweight titles. In 2011, he won the ISKA southeastern region title, earning the rank number 1 Bantamweight fighter in the southeast region.

Len achieved his goal of becoming a professional fighter in 2011. While training and competing, he was teaching one on one sessions and group classes for Kickboxing, General Fitness as well as Strength and Conditioning for fighters. Len loved teaching people and helping his students and clients achieve their fitness goals. So, he decided to take some time off from competing and spend more time coaching.

On top of working a regular job, Len dedicated his spare time to teaching kickboxing, group fitness, and personal training. Len even turned his two-car garage into a full gym for his clients. He was managing a local store at the time and decided to pursue his passion for teaching. Along with his wife, he decided to open Champion Striking together in September of 2016.

Len has taken up competing again but now pursues Kickboxing as his sport of choice. Len feels truly blessed to have the opportunity to spend his days working with so many great people. It is a dream come true!

  • Professional MMA fighter
  • Professional Kickboxer
  • Certified USAW sports performance coach
  • ISKA South East Region Bantamweight Champion
  • X- series Bantamweight Champion
  • Fought on national television
  • 22 career fights
  • Certified personal trainer
  • Over 15 years of Martial Arts experience
  • Former number 1 ranked bantamweight fighter in TN - 2011
  • Certified CrossFit trainer
  • DVRT level 1 certified
  • DVRT level 2 certified